Unique Businesses For Sale is looking for Sea Aged Wine Distributors UK Spain & Europe.

Sea Aged Wine Distributors UK Spain and Worldwide required. Buy your area from just €5,950 down payment and then €495/month for a renewable two year exclusive rights contract. Start selling in your area with an initial 2 months grace. Areas are defined by population and density. Starting areas are approximately 20-30 miles radius from your home. All on line sales in your area direct to the public are also accredited to you!! We do envisage that you will earn €100,000 to €500,000 a year from an area. We age one of the worlds most famous and quality brands of wine. At the moment we age Special Reserve Campo Viejo but are introducing more labels soon, Cava (April 2018), Jordanian River Winery, Tempranillo and Pata Negra. The wine is aged in 4 tiers, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, offering 4 distinct and unique taste experiences, better than the traditional maturing process.

We give our agents a merchandising bundle worth over €20,000 including:

  • 200 bottles for sampling purposes.
  • This is a new exciting concept so you do not need any experience in wine as we give you 2 days of training, 1 night in the Parador Hotel, Javea and a visit to our local Cava winery.
  • 5,000 information fliers.
  • Several pull up banners for information which you can use at shopping centers or exhibitions. Also at shops and other clients who stock the wine. On your patch you can have exhibitions and tasting days.
  • We can arrange a branded wine chiller for use in restaurants, bars and other establishments.
  • POS credit card facility for easy payment at events etc.
  • Finally the option of a leased electric car from Nissan! This gives certain tax benefits.
  • The first 2 months free to get you started.

Set to be the biggest growth wine business, it is unique in the way it is aged on land in sea water tanks. Our tanks are patented and are able to hold wine bottles at an exact temperature. This ensures that the wine is aged to perfection. However the tanks only need to “age off” the wine as it is already a reserve of high quality. Known as conduction ageing, the wine bottles stay in the tanks for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months, offering 4 different levels of ageing and distinct flavours. Submersed in complete darkness in the Mediterranean sea water and at an exact temperature.

The wine has now changed it’s taste for the better. The first taste you have stays with you forever. Ageing in the tanks this way is safe and clean, so there is no contamination.

Area merchandisers/distributors will call on or have agents to call on local restaurants, bars, vintners, supermarkets, shops, clubs etc. The area once established will provide mainly 95% repeat business. The product is unique and exclusive. The pricing is perfect and the rates you earn are very generous. The wine brand is a house hold name in Europe and beyond with more brands to follow. You only need to carry a small amount of stock for tasting purposes and you don’t need the monthly expenses of a shop or office. Working from home is the key as all orders are delivered direct from the factory to your clients.

It really is a dream business with hours to suit you. You have your area for a 2 year period which is renewable. Initially you will receive 200 bottles of sea aged wine as samples. Your 2 years starts 2 months after you take on your area (time to age your wines in the patented tanks). In this period you can visit all potential clients in your area, line up the tastings for them and set up your business.

Generate orders and hit the floor running after one month. All you need to do is merchandise, take orders from the new clients you meet and enjoy repeat purchases. Merchandisers/distributors can employ agents to work for them on a commission basis, or simply work for themselves. Distributors are paid a set amount per bottle and do not have to deal with the wine import taxes, VAT or other official parts. Only take care of their taxes on earnings and NI in their relevant country. Sea Aged Wine Distributors UK Spain & Worldwide is looking forward to working with you!

Are you interested in becoming part of Sea Aged Wine Distributors UK Spain or Worldwide, in your area? An opportunity to be part of a fast growing and unique wine market! Contact Unique Businesses For Sale below. For more information and to arrange an appointment. Please submit your full name, area, contact details and any questions.

Business Features

  • choose your own limits
  • excellent renumeration
  • lifestyle business
  • low start up business
  • working from home


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