Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Diamonds.

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A bit of a morbid subject, however it does happen to all of us. You might say it’s the only inevitable thing in life, yes death. Funeral parlors will always have a steady flow of clients, that’s for sure!!  One would assume there are really only two options for ceremoniously disposing of our remains, traditionally burial or cremation. In the case of cremation however there seems to be an alternative. It’s usual to keep beloved’s ashes in an urn, but all people can do in that case is to leave the dead at home. However if someone wants to bring their beloved one everywhere with him/her, heart is not the only place. The company Life Gem in Illinois USA, offers the opportunity to place them into a piece of jewelry. They can extract carbon from human ashes or human hair and convert it into diamonds through the use of a furnace and other equipment. It costs 3000$ to 20000$. Well they do say diamonds are forever, What a fantastic business idea, take a look at the video below, it’s brilliant!!!  it brings a new dimension to the phrase…He or she is a diamond guy/girl……….

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