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Christmas has passed and all the festivities are over. I always feel that this is the time of year for reflexion and to take stock of ones life. I will often find myself sitting at my desk and dreaming of the opportunities open to us all. That faraway beach bar on a remote sun drenched island, just ticking along and making enough money to get by on but enjoying a quality of life second to none.

Well it does take a certain person to take that leap of faith and live that dream. It is very difficult to break out of that 9 till 5 comfort zone and security of steady employment. However more and more of us are doing just that, jacking in that boring job, selling the house, upping sticks to that new country and dream business.

Well there is lots of help and advice to us would be escape artists, a world of information on the Internet alone,  below are a few good reads for those entrepreneurs out there!

You don’t have to emigrate to find your perfect vocation or business as there are lots of opportunities in the U.K. as well as abroad. People in the U.K. have always been tempted by running a business abroad, especially in the sun, and many do take the plunge.

So what are you going to do this year?

Is 2012 going to be the year you escape the rat race and control your own destiny?

Find that business that suites you?

Let us know of your adventures….

Have a happy, prosperous and full filling year.


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