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Ever thought of upping sticks and moving to Spain. Well some friends of ours Karen and Gaz did just that. Back in 2008 they bought a cave house in the beautiful area of Orce and set up a small Self Catering operation, they have not looked back since, here is Karen’s story…………..

In 2008, my husband and I exchanged our fast track cosmopolitan lifestyle, in the UK and made the move, to the sleepy Hamlet of Fuente Nueva, Granada, Spain, to live in a cave.  We now wake up to find ourselves surrounded by the stunning Andalucían, countryside and feel nothing can compete with the advantages of living in a cave, in real and unspoilt Spain.  This very Spanish part of Spain, has more than 300 days of sunshine every year and we count our lucky stars we followed our dreams.

We would recommend to all  who have thought, long and hard, about a complete lifestyle change, to follow their dreams too;  However ensure you plan ahead and research well, as there can also be many pitfalls, to such a significant  lifestyle change.

For those that are under retirement age, one has to think of a way of generating an income in order to ensure, the dream is not short lived. I work as virtual office assistant, for a UK Based company and we also generate income from our cave house holiday rental. Cueva Santa Maria, which has attracted visitors from all parts of the globe, including others, looking to start a new life, in this part of Inland Spain.

Spanish Holidays

So what makes Cave Houses so special? well Firstly, let us dispel any pre-conceived myths, they really do have the comfort and facilities of any modern habituation, for example, even, our holiday let, has WIFI internet, satellite TV and a swimming pool, click here to have a look through the photo album, that gives you a real flavour and for not only how a modern cave looks but a hint at the stunning local landscape and things to see and do in the area.  click here

Cave houses are carved from impervious rock and as a result, retain an even temperature all year round (between 18 to 21 degrees). A truly ecological feature is their ability to generate natural air conditioning, in those hot summer months. Keeping your holiday home magically cool, even on the most blisteringly hot , summer days, (without the need for carbon emitting and fuel consuming, air-conditioning systems).

Due to the thickness of the roof and walls, caves are well insulted, keeping the heat generated from the wood burner, in and the inhabitant’s lovely and toasty, even on some of the colder winter nights.  The caves walls not only hold the heat in but store it up and release it back out into the cave.

Cave Houses are becoming increasingly popular houses to live in, not just because they are wonderful places to live but because they are very economical homes to run.


So what are you waiting for? ready to take that leap of faith and start a new life in Spain, hundreds of people just do that every year……

If you have an inspirational story to tell, then just let us know!

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