Ever thought of relocating and living in Mexico then read on.

Mexico is just across the border from the United States and is now “closer than ever” that’s a motto used by the Mexican Tourism Association. As many expats are choosing to live and work in Mexico, we couldn’t agree more.

In terms of physical proximity Mexico is the closest southern neighbour to the United States and a North American Free Trade Agreement partner. Mexico has an excellent road system, high speed communications and a first class health care system that you’d expect up north. Those who move to Mexico find living in Mexico and doing business there to be very easy.

Mexico is served by a large number of international airports with regular flights from all over the world. You can even take the option of driving from the United States or Canada to explore this magnificent country in your own car. You could make the journey at your own pace, what a road trip that would make. Imagine returning to the U.S. and not having to worry about skyrocketing airfares or disrupted air service caused by strikes, weather, or other delays.

Previous administrations did little in the way of infrastructure improvements. However the current government is committed to allocating funds for new and expanded roads, ports, and telecommunications. This goes hand in hand with increased privatisation, which will allow concessions in the national airport network and the telecommunications sector. The idea is that all of those improvements will further encourage and facilitate commerce. Of course Mexico is already a top holiday destination with places like Acapulco, Guanajuato and Cozumel, famous for it’s scuba diving.

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Here are 4 good reasons to relocate to Mexico.

  • Fantastic climate with lots of sunshine.
  • Many tourism business opportunities for sale.
  • Help with business start ups, Mexico is encouraging foreign investors.
  • A wide variety of delicious food dishes.

Live In Mexico

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