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Well here we are in 2012, a new year with spring in the air and those itchy feet again! After returning from Spain 6 months ago my partner had New Businessdecided that Spain is the place to be after all so I cracked open a bottle of Cava to celebrate and put the house on the market pronto.

However not quite ready to retire we do need to produce an income and living in Spain this is not as easy as you might think. Apart from buying a largish house for bed and breakfast purposes or an up and running bar on the Costas the options are few and far between. It wasn’t until the other evening while having supper with some friends and chatting about Davids airport runs, he does some work for a local taxi firm, that little light bulb above my head flashed on.

The next morning nursing a ‘whiskey’ hangover I started to formulate my idea, basically luxury chauffeur driven car hire encompassing airport pick ups and weddings. Not the first to do this I know, but having lived in the Malaga region of Spain for some time I felt there is a niche for this service in the area. Since then I have been plunging myself into the research necessary for this venture, doing costings and looking at the existing market for this service at the moment.

My initial thoughts on the car for the job was a Rolls Royce, but it had to be a convertible and they aren’t cheap, so after more deliberation I have decided to go for a 1970’s Cadillac Eldorado, convertible.

So there you have it, an idea born from a random conversation over supper and starting to take form. We will be viewing a car next week and in coming articles I will be writing about my experiences in setting up the business with all it’s highs and lows!  The licenses involved and general rigmarole with starting a new venture in Spain.

So keep tuned and watch this space, if you have any ideas or input then please let me know, I’ll need all the help I can get!!

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