The High Plains of Spain

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I’ve just added a new business to our website. Well in fact it is a potential, for anyone out there who wishes to create their very own Bed and Breakfast in the stunning Altiplano region of Spain. While I was adding the advert I couldn’t help but reminice about the few years I spent in this region. We lived just outside the main city of Baza, Andalucia and set up a tipi site for tourism. Near to where the above mentioned potential is, was only half an hours drive and we would often pack up car with a picnic and the dogs for a day out around Castril.

This whole area is absolutely stunning and is fast emerging as a tourist destination for north europeans, with plenty to do and lots of whitewashed villages to explore. The Altiplano region is surrounded by sierras and national parks great for an alternative holiday away from the costas. The grand old city of Granada only an hour and a half down the uncrowded motorway offers a great day out with the Alhambra Palace a must see.

The life here definitely moves at a slower pace and the locals are so friendly it’s unbelievable. We made some amazing friends and I still miss the occasional visits from José Maria, our neighbour, with bags full of his own produce and homemade wine for us to enjoy, and not forgetting Pepe, our local shepeard who would drop by for a glass of vino and a bit of advice on how to grow our tomatoes or aubergines.

So if you do really fancy slowing that pace of life down then take a look at this area, you won’t be disappointed ! Here’s a LINK to that potential Business I mentioned earlier.

A little video to wet your appetite, sorry it’s in Spanish……

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