The inspiration behind unique businesses for sale

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The inspiration behind unique businesses for sale came from my partner and I having been involved and owning unusual businesses ourselves.  I have mostly been self employed all my life, and my partner likewise. His last project before we met was a lovely Parisian style bar and hotel, with a micro brewery attached for good measure. Here he brewed beer, supplied his own premises and numerous other outlets in the area. He operated the business with his father and enjoyed 10 years there before selling.

I started with an organic small holding in Scotland selling my very own goats milk yogurt via local health shops. When my partner and I met we combined our free thinking spirits and our first big project together was a run down old bakery in Norwich. This we purchased freehold and turned around into a thriving business, which included a coffee shop, deli and bakery. After nearly 5 years we sold the business in order to spread our wings in the global arena!!!! It had also been a passion of ours to move abroad.


We had a brief flirtation with Brazil and went to check it out, but on encountering grey areas with the visa applications we returned to Blighty on a cold grey February morning! After twiddling our thumbs for a month, we put all our belongings into storage, packed the car with necessities, our beloved spaniel Beau (we had already got his Pet Passport anticipating Brazil). Then set off for the ferry to take us across the Channel and headed south for Spain.

Restoration of cave houseAfter a few months in southern Spain we finally found our next project. We purchased a cave house with land which involved a complete restoration! As part of the reform we also developed a North American Tipi site for tourism. We had 4 fantastic years there meeting and making some amazing friends in the process. However, due to our nomadic nature we recently sold our cave house and business to a lovely Norwegian lady who is developing the site further.

Now, we are enjoying a completely different venture for us, developing and growing Unique businesses for sale, which has become a passion, showcasing unique businesses around the world for like minded entrepreneurs.

If you have an interesting or unusual business we would love to hear your story. If you are thinking of selling check out the website and upload your business on the Upload A Listing with description and photos.


Altiplano Tipis



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