Unique Businesses presents this casino resort development  for sale.

Located in Costa Rica this unique casino resort development has all entitlements. There are also three Casino Licenses in place. The project includes three casino hotel resorts which are available separately or as a bundle of three. The casino licenses are purchased and are included in the sale. This is an ideal purchase for a casino chain or resort developer.

Vision for the project is a Casino Residential Resort like a “Mini Las Vegas.” The resort will have all the attributes of a full service all-inclusive resort like a “Club Med”. This will be an added anchor project for tourists. It will benefit local as well as the Costa Rica population in general. It is close to the existing Limon International airport. The location is well positioned for the proposed local airport in Matina. Because of its unique waterfront location on both sides. The use of water taxis can be an efficient transportation mode. Servicing the workers and executives involved in the mega projects. For more information/full brochure contact Patti HERE.

This casino resort development is located in an area designated for MEGA infrastructure projects of over US$5.2 Billion. It is an unique opportunity as a whole package. This is the only permitted major project in the area to meet all the demands. These include accommodations, homes and entertainment for the projected workforce. Over 5,000 local and expats over ten years. During the construction stage 1,500 people will be employed over the next three years.

Each of the seven development properties, including the three Casino Hotel properties, are a separate entity by way of corporate ownership. The properties are all titled, master plan approved and entitlements issued. The properties are at present in green field status ( Ground-Up development) with approvals and permits. The preliminary design (Ante-Projecto) is in place. Next step for a developer is to go for detailed design, construction permit and into construction.

The overall planned development is based on sustainable planning and design criteria. With a large track of open space for natural character. This natural state will augment the proposed resort development for recreational and other amenities. All proposed structures are planned in small foot-prints with 2 to 3 storey design for incremental development staging.

This casino resort development will be a job creation generator. It will boost economic development of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Also it will add to the tourism infrastructure of the region. It is projected to create 175 construction jobs. Also 350 permanent jobs for the local population on total build out.

The casino resort development is projected to be built out over 8 years. Based on a moderate market absorption and in 4 to 5 years in a dynamic growth.

Properties are TITLED to the 50 meter inalienable zone. This size property with master plan approvals and licenses are rare on the market in Costa Rica.

The total planned resort property with all permits and casino licenses included as “one total package” is priced at US$ 200. per sq meter.

Each individual project is priced from US$100/m2 for homes lots in subdivisons. Up to US$375/m2 for Casino Resort Hotel properties. All properties sale prices include all work done to date. Also included are all permits and licenses for this specific project.

Are you looking to invest in a casino resort development in Costa Rica? Then contact Patti HERE for lots more information/full brochure.

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  • Town: Tortuguero
  • Region: Caribbean
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  • Country: Costa Rica
  • Business Type: Casino Resort Development
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