Unique Businesses presents this home based business opportunity for sale. Two portable Cryo Machines and all the back up, equipment and training to succeed.

Known as The Box Cryo this is a home based business opportunity with fantastic potential and renumeration. It consists of you visiting people in their own homes and also at salons within your exclusive area. Your area consists of 15-20Km radius in size and is exclusively yours without any competitors. Costing just €29,950 for a two year exclusivity (Only €14,950 a year). It is payable on signing or we can offer finance over the two year period. Included in the package are 2 portable simple, easy and safe to use Cryo Machines. Plus all the back up, equipment and training needed to succeed.

The Box Cryo is able to treat people for cosmetic and medical problems. You will be given training and you do not need to be a qualified doctor or nurse to do this. It is anticipated that you will have an income of €100,000 to €200,000 each year from your area. Either visiting people at their homes or people coming to you in the salons. Local salons will be able to offer you a morning or afternoon to treat people.  Keeping your costs very low.

The box Cryo is a portable easy to use Cryo therapy machine. Designed to deliver and maintain subzero skin surface temperatures without any medical or other complications. The Box Cryo has been proven to work and can be used to alleviate arthritis conditions. Also reduce and or eliminate fat cells. Instant face and chin lifts have been performed easily and within half an hour by this outstanding machine.

British designed, patented and manufactured you are rest assured of quality and reliability using this machine. Which has a full back up system if anything should happen.

Medical Treatments include post surgery therapy, backache relief, slip disc treatment and arthritis treatment.

Cosmetic Treatments include fat cell elimination, Oedema treatment, instant face lift, instant neck lift, cellulite treatment, varicose vein treatment.

Sports Therapy includes injury treatment and injury prevention therapy. There are other benefits as well.

How It works. The Box Cryo is patent protected. The wraps that are applied to a body part, have copper tubes inside. These in turn have liquid ice inside them. The Liquid ice is pumped around the tubing network in the wrap against a persons skin. This lowers the skin surface temperature to a set predetermined level. Once reached The Box Cryo is able to hold this level for as long as required.

We do not know of any other machine which can do this.

Contact us for available areas for our patented The Box Cryo business, Spain, UK, Europe, USA and Canada. Included is a residential training course. Our product is unique and it actually works. Unlike a lot of competitors products!! Ours has instant results not waiting for 3 months to see any. Follow our FB page for latest news.

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Business Features

  • lifestyle business
  • turnkey opportunity
  • working from home


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