Unique Businesses presents this patent protected unrivaled business opportunity for sale.

Specialising in liquid ice body treatments this patent protected unrivaled business opportunity is The Box Cryo. We now have 4 locations trading in the E U and looking for new entrepreneurs or existing beauty Centre owners to partner with us. Opening their own “The Box Cryo Centre”.

We are looking for enthusiastic business partners now to join in our success!

We have a patented system which will be exclusive to you in your centre. Our system has been used for eliminating fat cells, reversing the effects of arthritis, chin and face lifts (non permanent), cellulite reversal and injury treatments. All easily performed by using our machines.

People refer us to friends and family to give you lots of repeat business. Continued business from the same clients who return for semi permanent face lifts and other treatments. The arthritis treatment is always repeated every 10-14 days.

You will receive full train at a 3 day course in Spain or Tenerife. You will be certified to carry out the procedures, which are non invasive and do not leave bruising. Unlike some other systems ours using a compression wrap and safe liquid ice cooling.

If you already have a salon or want to open your own “The Box Cryo centre”.

We are able to work with existing businesses as well as people to open their own centre.

Whether you’re setting up a new hair & beauty salon or you’re already an established salon business looking for expansion opportunities. Joining a growing franchise can be a successful path to growth for you. You won’t lose the freedom of working for yourself and controlling your own schedule, yet you gain all the benefits and experience of a popular brand. It’s a win-win situation!

Market Potential:

The beauty market is always a growth market and always will be.
The beauty industry is one of the hottest sectors of the E U, USA & UK markets. No matter what the state of the economy, people will always want to look and feel good. Customers are demanding advanced specialist treatments with effective INSTANT results, and are, fortunately, willing to pay extra for these treatments.

We have perfected a solution to many problems. It is safe and easy to do. We are number one and always will be in our sector. This has been achieved through high quality service levels, competitive pricing, together with highly distinctive operational, marketing and sales techniques.

Through our innovative treatments The Box Cryo have been able to provide such services to a wider clientele than would normally be expected for these traditionally expensive and complex treatments

How to join us:

We are looking for active franchise partners to share in the success of a growing aesthetics industry.
Franchising is one of the most tried-and-tested business models for growth and expansion, and some of the world’s best-known and most successful companies operate under this model.

Franchising is simply the granting of a license by the Franchisor to the Franchise Owner, which entitles the Franchise Owner to trade under an established brand-name and make use of an entire package of benefits.

Franchising is booming and there are thousands worldwide of active franchise brands. They are successful because:

The business model is proven to work. All the market research has been done for you. The brand has been established and already found its position within the market-place.

You are not alone and won’t feel isolated. You have the full support of an established business on-hand whenever you need it.

You have all the benefits of being your own boss but have the back-up of a wider network supporting you all the way.

In line with our philosophy of quality and service and the needs of our customers, we offer effective and affordable treatments.


To successfully expand, it is very important that we recruit the right people to work with our team. We are looking for people with the right attitude – you must be prepared to follow an established business model and be flexible as changes arise. As well as the usual business acumen, we are looking for:

Possess sales ability to promote the The Box Cryo services and branded products.

To have an interest in the beauty and cosmetic therapy sector.

Excellent organisational skills and have a keen eye for detail.

Ability to manage a small team of people.

Being able to relate well to people.

To be an effective and efficient communicator.

Having enthusiasm, confidence and ambition.

Operating to the The Box cryo corporate standards of professionalism.

Possessing the necessary finance for the capital investment required.


In addition to our extensive initial training programme which takes you through all aspects of treatment and retail operations, we provide full support to get your business up and running.

Before Opening:

Site selection, we will work with you to secure a location in your chosen territory.

Full training, our extensive training program will ensure that you and your key staff are fully trained in all areas of the business.

Shop design, we will assist you with the design of your premises.

Equipment Ordering, we have a number of key suppliers who will ensure the smooth transition of equipment into your The Box Cryo centre.

After Opening:

Once your Centre is open we will provide you the tools to operate your business effectively.

Operation & product manuals, we have in-depth manuals covering all aspects of treatments and procedures.

Direct support, you will have access to a varied management team who specialise in specific areas of the operation with whom you will be able to deal with directly.

Continued product development & Innovation, our commitment to continuously develop our products treatment procedures.

Also we will provide you with business manuals, marketing materials, business stationery and corporate image items all as part of the package.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to continuous support in running your franchise, and our network support ensures that you are not alone:

Regular centre visits to discuss business development.

Help-line facility for advice and guidance on all aspects of the business.

Website development and management.

National marketing and PR.

Regular newsletters.

Group Franchise Owner meetings – your chance to meet with the team.

Business coaching and mentoring scheme to help keep you on track.


This may vary and depends on several factors such as site chosen and building costs but typically an investment of between £69,950 to £130,0000 (excluding freehold/rent & VAT) of which £50,000 should be in liquid funds. If however, you are an existing salon then set up costs will be less. 12% of turnover is payable to us. Area sizes are based on demographics.

Territories Available:

We have opportunities for potential franchisees throughout the UK, USA and Europe. Please note the map is displaying a representation of Javea the location of Spain’s head office.

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