Unique Businesses presents these bargain Vanuatu farming investments for sale.

These Vanuatu farming investments consist of 1 acre Farmlets for $19,950 each. Pay $12,950 now and then 12 x $583 monthly payments. Affordable investment. (4000 m2 or 43,560 ft2). This unique investment includes a plantation development agreement available for all buyers. Also full fruit transportation to international produce markets is provided. Each hybrid tree can produce in excess of 80 kilos a season. Projected return $6,000 to $12,000 per annum. Please note! Subject to fluctuation from weather and market conditions. These bargain Vanuatu farming investments offer great ROI, you can buy as many as you want. Subject to availability.

Question: Where is the best place in the world to grow a tropical fruit?
Answer: On a perfectly located tropical island! Just over 2 hours air freight flight time to Australia, 3.5 hours to New Zealand and 8.5 hours to Asia.

These Vanuatu farming investments are a truly ethical investment. While investments rise and fall, they seldom do so in a straight line. Stocks and bonds grow, collapse, and are often at the whim of elements that are completely out of their control. You need only look at gold as the prime example. After 12 years of solid gains, it is now experiencing a substantial decline in value. There is however an investment trend that has seen steady results for more than two decades. There isn’t anyone on this Earth that can get by without food, with what they consume measured in calories. A statistic that may be surprising to everyone is that the average calorie per day consumption is up a staggering 24.6% since 1964. What that numbers tells us is that people are eating more than ever before, with the average daily number coming in at 2,940 calories. That data would suggest that the amount of arable land per person is also on the rise.

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