Unique Businesses For Sale presents this Vanuatu timber investment opportunity.

This Vanuatu timber investment is a fantastic and rare opportunity to join a very lucrative market. It is also totally sustainable offering an ecological element to the investment. Vanuatu is big on sustainable forest management.

At first, timber may seem like an unorthodox idea, or a commodity that has little investment potential. However both of those assumptions are false. Others may ward off this asset given the recent weakness in global housing markets, but this isn’t true either. In fact, timber’s performance has been very strong throughout its history. The price of timber has risen by an average of 5% for the past century. Those gains include strong performances during some of the worst markets in U.S. history. During America’s last major inflationary period from 1973 to 1981, when inflation averaged 9.2%. In this period timberland values increased by an average of 22% per year.

Since the beginning of the 20th century timber has outpaced the S&P 500. It has risen by approximately 15% each year since 1987. During the Great Depression, when stocks fell roughly 70%, timber investments soared by more than 200%. Moving forward to the most recent recession, the S&P dipped more than 35% in 2008 while the wooden commodity actually gained 9.5%. This makes this Vanuatu timber investment extremely appealing. At a time when investors are starting to lose faith in stocks in general, those numbers are very enticing. It seems that with each passing day analysts and individuals are calling for the next stock market crash. Giving timber’s proven track record some added flash as far as investment potential is concerned.

Another major draw to timber is its rising demand all around the world. For now, the U.S. is the largest consumer. This is predicted to change as emerging markets are stepping up their needs for wood-based products. The next three decades are predicted to see timber use double on a global scale. This leaves investors plenty of opportunity to cash in on a developing trend.

This Vanuatu timber investment is from plantations planted 35 years ago. Our offer to you is “invest for harvesting” of a South American introduced wood called Cordia. Planted in The Republic of Vanuatu prior to 1980. Known as Bocote in the USA and in short supply now there, as it was supplied ex South American rain forests of which logging is now banned. However demand is still there, and you know what happens with diminishing commodities… Yes, you got it: prices escalate!

Another boost for Vanuatu Sustainable Timber is the shrinking supply of forests around the world. Though wood is a renewable resource, global forest lands are dropping on an annual basis, making wood more scarce and its respective price jump. Enquire now. There are limited shares being offered and investment starts at only $55,000. Compare your projected returns from normal banking. At this low entry cost you can not afford not to invest in this unique timber harvesting project.

Are you looking for a Vanuatu timber investment opportunity? With excellent ROI? Then contact Unique Businesses For Sale HERE. For more information on how to make your investment.


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