Which Currency Company?

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When buying a business or property abroad apart from the obvious priorities of location and property preference, one thing to get right and which can save a lot of cash and time is money transfer.
If you are purchasing a property in a country that uses another currency, then you will have to convert your funds  for example from British Pounds to Euros or Dollars etc. So which currency company do you use?

It is tempting to transfer your funds straight from your own bank direct to your new account abroad, however it is not always the best way and can be slow and expensive, not only will you loose thousands in the exchange rate but it can also take up to a week to come through.

We ourselves have been back and forth from the UK to Spain over the years and are currently back in Spain after selling our house in the UK and looking for a new home in Andalucia.

So we are back in the situation of needing to exchange an amount of money of British Pounds to Euros, we found ourselves contacting James at IFX who has always looked after us offering us the best rates.

The process is very simple. After a simple sign up procedure we tranfered the monies from our UK bank to IFX after agreeing a transfer rate. When we signed up we recieve a Ref number which is then used in all future transfers. Which makes it a simple one step process.

James is always there to help us with any queries and advice and if you transfer your monies early enough it will arrive in your foreign account that very same day. You will get your own personal transfer agent once you have signed up.

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